'Trump Effect' Destroying America's Reputation Around The World, New Study Reveals

‘Trump Effect’ Destroying America’s Reputation Around The World, New Study Reveals

United States Loses Top Spot In ‘Nation Brand’ Rankings Due To ‘Trump Effect’

Donald Trump just finished his Asia trip and has continued to state how much he believes the world just loves him. But as with so many things, Trump’s perception does not match reality.

A new report from the research group Gfk shows the United States has lost the top spot in their Anholt-GfK Nation Brands IndexSM rankings. America fell from first in 2016 to sixth this year, and was the only country out of 50 in the study to see its overall score drop.

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The study reaches a score through over 20,000 interviews and tallies a total from areas such as culture, governance, and immigration/investment.

The lead researcher who created the index, Professor Simon Anholt, stated the likely reason for the drop is due to Donald Trump.

The USA’s fall in the ‘Governance’ category suggests that we are witnessing a ‘Trump effect’, following President Trump’s focused political message of ‘America First’. However, Americans’ assessment of their own country is notably more positive this year than last. A similar fall in global perception of the USA was seen following the re-election of George W. Bush, when the USA fell to seventh place. Previously, America has never stayed outside the top ranking for more than a year at a time: it will be interesting to see whether this holds true in the 2018 ranking.

Germany, France and Great Britain claimed the top three spots in the study, respectively. No other country in the top ten from 2016 saw a drop in their overall ranking.

Perceptions of Donald Trump around the world have been embarrassingly low dating back to the 2016 presidential campaign.

Confidence in the U.S. president had fallen sharply under George W. Bush but had vastly recovered during the Barack Obama administration. Since Trump has taken office, however, confidence has once again cratered to an abysmally low average of 22 percent. In a survey of 37 countries, Pew found only Russia and Israel to have higher marks for Trump than Obama.

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Trump was met with protests during most of his Asia trip. Hundreds of protesters in Japan and South Korea denounced Trump, while police turned water cannons on anti-Trump protesters in the Philippines.

Donald Trump continues to see historically low in approval ratings at home and it’s abundantly clear that disapproval extends around the world. It’s just another sad reminder that, after Barack Obama was able to raise the standing of the U.S., Trump is taking it back down to disgraceful Bush levels. And is doing it at a pace that has been incredibly startling.

Featured image via Jes Aznar/Getty Images.

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