CIA: North Korea Denuclearization Unlikely - But Hey, A Burger Joint is Totally Doable

CIA: North Korea Denuclearization Unlikely – But Hey, A Burger Joint is Totally Doable

While the Trump administration scrambles to make us believe that North Korea will give up their nuclear weapons, a new CIA assessment report says differently. According to NBC News, three US officials have told them that North Korea does not intend to give up their nuclear weapons. Instead, the assessment report says that Kim Jong Un envisioned a burger franchise in North Korea’s capital of Pyongyang.

…a list of potential concessions by North Korea in the CIA analysis included the possibility that Kim Jong Un may consider offering to open a Western hamburger franchise in Pyongyang as a show of goodwill, according to three national security officials.

Trump promises the impossible

The general view is that North Korea will never denuclearize. But President Trump is giving every indication that they will. No other American administration has ever been able to get North Korea to reduce their stockpile. Even simple talks with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) to negotiate denuclearization have been difficult enough. Nonetheless, the Trump administration would have the world believe that he can make full denuclearization happen.

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President Trump’s first indication that this would be difficult was when he announced on May 24th that the talks were canceled. Right after that, the DPRK expressed “disappointment” that the talks, scheduled for June 12, would not happen.

The CIA assessment report which was released weeks before Trump’s cancelation already determined that North Korea would never denuclearize. But Trump continues to claim that they will, even promising that the just as impossible talks will take place.

In a sign that the DPRK was leaving the US out of any kind of negotiation, just days after Trump announced the cancelation, Kim Jong Un had a two-hour meeting with South Korean President Moon Jae In.

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North Korea’s backhanded gesture

Given the consensus that North Korea would never give up their nuclear weapons, it’s interesting that the North Korean government would even suggest that they would. Around the expectation that the US would hold talks to denuclearize, DPRK officials have suggested talks towards the same goal.

But if North Korea doesn’t intend to actually do that, then they’re simply leading the Trump administration on. The DPRK has promised many of these things before in the past but never delivered. For instance, they have blown up a nuclear weapons site before talks in the past. Many feel this is DPRK propaganda. Even talks have been for nothing more than negotiating hard cash and agricultural or perishable needs. But, the CIA assessment’s on a burger chain could sweeten the deal.

Having a burger with Kim Jong Un

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The CIA report said that Chairman Kim envisioned setting up a burger franchise as a good gesture to the West. The suggestion was based on CIA analysis and their best guesses as the country is hard for intelligence to penetrate.

The CIA report does not specify which fast-food brand could be invited to North Korea, but said Kim envisioned that the establishment could be used to provide food during the talks and would show that he was open to Western investment.

This could complete Donald Trump’s vision of having a burger with the North Korean leader. During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump said that he would like to have a burger with Mr. Kim. At the same time, this could also provide an opening for American investment in the reclusive country.

Here’s candidate Trump referring to burgers with North Korea over steak dinners. 

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