Watch 'Asteroid of Awfulness' Trump Brutally Destroyed by UK Politician in Jaw Dropping BBC Clip

Watch ‘Asteroid of Awfulness’ Trump Brutally Destroyed by UK Politician in Jaw Dropping BBC Clip

Shadow Sec. Of State Emily Thornberry Holds Nothing Back In Calling Donald Trump ‘Racist’

The racist Republican Donald Trump administration has undergone one of its most embarrassing foreign policy episodes recently. Due to expected protests of his appearance, he canceled his planned trip to the United Kingdom, one of America’s closest allies.

And judging from the reaction of some members of the British Parliament, repulsion of Trump extends to some of the highest levels of their government.

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The Republican president attempted to lie his way out of the situation with a tweet about why he wasn’t carrying out the visit. He tried blaming the Obama administration for a decision on the location of the U.S. embassy for the cancellation.

This was ridiculous for a key reason, other than being fake-angry about the location of an embassy. The decision to move the location did not actually occur under the Obama administration. It happened under George W. Bush in 2008.

Labour MP Ed Miliband blasted Trump’s tweet shortly after it was posted, hitting at its absurdity.

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And yesterday Shadow Secretary of State Emily Thornberry went a step further with comments about Donald Trump. She called him “racist”, “a danger”, and “an asteroid of awfulness that has fallen on this world”. (Full video below)

Thornberry also threw some sarcastic shade at Trump over the visit. Along with slamming the president for “not having a real grasp” about trade agreements, she turned one of Trump’s offers on its head with some sly humor.

He did at one stage say that he didn’t want to come to Britain until the British had learned to love him. And I was quite relaxed about that. 

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There’s little doubt the real reason Donald Trump cancelled his visit was the negative reaction by people in the UK to his policies and general terribleness. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who reportedly called his boss a “moron”, is expected to make the trip instead.

It’s crystal clear Trump has made views of the United States plummet tremendously around the world. Rational people around the planet are disgusted with him, and there’s no lying his way around that fact.

Featured image via YouTube screen cap. 


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