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Missouri voters rise up to defeat GOP’s anti-worker law

August 8, 2018

Trump backed law suffers humiliating defeat in deep red state.

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Trump Fumbles Latest Attack On NFL, Reminds America Why Liberals Made America Great

November 24, 2017

hours after starting the Thanksgiving holiday by bluntly stating that racism will “Make America Great Again”, the birther in chief, whose treasonous campaign rode a revolting racist wave in the historic wake of the first black Presidency to a “so-called”…

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GOP Passes Bill Threatening Overtime Pay – Ironically Calls it ‘Working Families Flexibility Act’

May 4, 2017

Employers can Offer Paid Time Off Instead Imagine accruing loads of cash in overtime, only to be told that you can take time off and get paid for it instead. You arrange for the time off, based on when your…

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White Nationalists Get OWNED After Shouting ‘Heil Trump’ At Art Museum

March 1, 2017

A small group of alleged neo-Nazis got more than they bargained for when they gathered to protest at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. Normally a place of quiet contemplation, the Institute was flanked at its entrance by left-wing protesters on…

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While Americans Celebrate Labor Day, India Braces For National Strike (VIDEO)

September 3, 2016

This Labor Day weekend is not a celebration for everyone hile the United States and Canada celebrate Labor Day weekend, in India millions of workers are fighting for their rights. According to Indian trade unions, 150 millions workers went on strike this…

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Those Were ‘Workers’ Coming From Africa, Not Slaves According To Textbook Publisher McGraw-Hill

October 3, 2015

The historical revisionists are at it again. Most primary school textbooks are handled by publishers McGraw-Hill, Pearson and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, who together dominate with 90 percent of the titles found in your children’s schools. Now McGraw-Hill has raised some…

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Still Think The North Won The Civil War? These 12 Maps Will Prove You Wrong (IMAGES)

August 12, 2015

Still think the North won the Civil War? Then how do you explain the slow-but-sure Southernization of America? While we were busy patting ourselves on the back for being the most wealthy and free nation in the world, the Old South…

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Walker, Wisconsin Danger

July 13, 2015

Scott Walker, the Prison Warden Governor of Wisconsin, just declared his candidacy for president. I'm in. I'm running for president because Americans deserve a leader who will fight and win for them. – SW #Walker16 — Scott Walker (@ScottWalker)…

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Chicago Schools Are Under Attack! What Do We Do? STAND UP, FIGHT BACK!

June 12, 2015

Many politically active teachers around the country look to the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) as the leading example of what teacher’s unions and public sector unions generally should be: strident in rhetoric and militant in action, willing to take the powers…

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