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Dr. Willie Wilson: A Dem Candidate The DNC Doesn’t Want You To Know About (Interview, Part 1)

October 17, 2015

Dr. Willie Wilson  is one of 18 candidates running in the 2016 Democratic ticket for President. Willie Wilson was born in Gilbert, Louisiana in a family of 11 siblings.  His parents were sharecroppers and taught all their children workmanship skills and the…

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Top 8 INSANE 2016 Democratic Candidates You Won’t See In The First Debate (Part 1)

October 11, 2015

These eight fringe 2016 Democratic candidates can’t possibly be crazier than the GOP clown car debates. So why can’t we hear from them? Unlike the 2016 Republican Presidential Candidates field, the Democratic Candidates will not have the luxury of two debate sections, one…

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