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The Trump Admin is Moving to Charge People Who Protest Outside the White House

October 10, 2018

The Trump Administration is launching an attack on free speech.

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Trump’s Latest Press Conference Turned Into an Embarrassing Meltdown

September 26, 2018

Donald Trump's recent White House press conference was somehow as embarrassing as his UN speech.

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CNN’s Anderson Cooper Eviscerates Trump BS Excuse for Blocking FBI’s Kavanaugh Probe | Reverb TV

September 20, 2018

Anderson Cooper has taken issue with Trump's excuse for blocking the FBI.

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White House Obstructing FBI Investigation into Kavanaugh Accusation

September 18, 2018

Either Trump is continuing to lash out at the FBI or something is up with Kavanaugh....

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Sarah Sanders ‘sorry’ for lying about jobs to smear President Obama

August 15, 2018

Caught in a lie so big there was no escape, Sarah Sanders FINALLY apologizes (sort of).

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FACT CHECK: Trump Falsely Claims Historic Turnaround

July 28, 2018

Obama, not Trump, deserves credit for strong economy.

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Breaking: Fascist Trump Wants to Strip Security Clearances From Top Critics

July 23, 2018

Yet Jared Kushner will get to keep his....

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Trump: “Your Favorite President Did Nothing Wrong”, But Playboy Model Tapes May Prove Otherwise

July 21, 2018

Trump responds to news about Cohen's alleged Playboy Model payoff recording.

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