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Study: CEO’s Continue To Receive Enormous Raises Despite Poor Job Performance

May 25, 2016

Big Median S&P 500 CEO Pay Raise Along With Bad Outcomes? Yep. The median S&P 500 CEO pay raise last year far outpaced the raise for the median worker according to a new AP report. The numbers, as usual, will…

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4 Dirty Secrets Trump Could Be Hiding In His Tax Returns

May 13, 2016

As Republican presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump pivots to the general election, he is striving to unify the party that he now leads after a hostile takeover. There has been pushback from powerful conservatives, including Mitt Romney, Republicans’ 2012 presidential…

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A Net Worth Of $10 Makes You Wealthier Than 25% Of Americans — Here’s Why

October 24, 2015

Over this past week, there have been various articles sporting headlines like “Credit Suisse Wealth Report: There Are More Poor People In America Than China,” or “With Just $10, You’re Wealthier Than 25% Of Americans.” These articles all come from…

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Watch Bernie Sanders Drop The Truth — And The BASS!

August 20, 2015

Brave New Films Action Fund has a new video out, Thursday. This may be the internet’s first major remix of a Bernie Sanders speech. An ear-thumping bass drop accompanies a speech that Bernie delivered at a campaign event, Today we…

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If We Treated Wall Street’s Money Addicts The Way We Treat Drug Addicts

July 27, 2015

Dear Wall Street, we’ve brought you here today because we’re all worried about your addiction to money. We’re sorry, but you’re long overdue for some serious intervention. Back in the day, we admired you for your drive, your savvy, your strong work…

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Pope Francis’ Approval Rating Drops Among So-Called Christian Conservatives

July 22, 2015

Watching Pope Francis destroy conservative ideology on a frequent basis must really sting for the self-proclaimed members of the Christian Conservative movement, who seem to think Jesus was a big fan of corporate greed and humiliating the poor. It almost…

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The Truth About Baltimore: Fear, Respect & Understanding

May 13, 2015

I’m a low-level Rick Steves acolyte. I watch his show and read his blog. I bought a Rick Steves backpack at his store in Edmonds, WA, and it served me very well on a two-week journey tripping around the U.K.…

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Wells Fargo Is Baltimore’s Real Looter

May 1, 2015

Wall Street created the nightmare economic context of the unrest in Baltimore. You don’t need to have watched The Wire, one of the greatest dramas in American television history, to know that Baltimore has some rough neighborhoods. But things got…

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In A Shocking Twist, Wealth Can Buy You Justice

February 5, 2015

This just in, from the Department of Why Do We Care: yet another scion of wealth and privilege has been caught behaving rather badly. Seems that Hilton sibling Conrad Hughes Hilton III had a bit of a dust up on…

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New Chart Shows Why Minimum Wage Should Be $18/Hour (Interactive)

January 7, 2015

American workers generate more and more wealth, but get the same pay since 1973. Find out why.

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