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A Republican State Law Sabotaged Early Voting Locations in Time for the Midterms

September 24, 2018

Republicans have somehow done something worse than gerrymandering for their election cheating.

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Transgender Candidates are Making History, but There’s a Big Problem…

September 18, 2018

Transgenders are being disenfranchised from voting in red states.

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New Study: Voter ID Kept Tens of Thousands From Polls in Key Swing State

September 26, 2017

Political Scientist Shows Voter ID Law May Have Kept 16k-23k From Voting In 2016 Battleground After he lost the popular vote by roughly three million votes, Republican Donald Trump just couldn’t settle for just his Electoral College victory. So, he…

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DATA: Voter Fraud Virtually Non-Existent In 2016 Election, Or Any Other Election

December 19, 2016

Voter Fraud Is One Of The Biggest Fears Amongst Conservatives … If you were to rank the top ten biggest fears conservatives have en masse — you know, the government taking their guns away, gay marriage somehow ruining straight marriage,…

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The 1950’s? Republicans Want To Roll America Back Way Further Than That

October 24, 2016

Just How Far Back In Time Do Conservatives Want To Reverse Our Society? Hint: It’s Not The 1950’s We’ve all heard this theory before: Conservatives want to roll back the clock on American society. When conservatives talk about “taking America…

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BREAKING: SCOTUS Puts Final Nail In Coffin Of Racist North Carolina Voter ID Law

August 31, 2016

Supreme Court Chooses Not To Hear Case, Keeping Unanimous Lower Court Decision In Place The Supreme Court rendered a 4-4 split decision declining to hear the case challenging a lower court ruling that threw out North Carolina’s 2013 voter ID…

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MAJOR VICTORY: Conservative-Dominated Court Strikes Down One Of The GOP’s Favorite Racist Laws

July 21, 2016

Texas Republicans Lose As Voter ID Law Must Weakened Before November Election The battle over voter ID laws continues as Republicans do their best to win elections by cheating people out of their right to vote. But, because these laws…

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This Key Swing State Purged Tens Of Thousands Of ‘Occasional’ Voters And The GOP Is Thrilled

June 2, 2016

Ohio Purged nearly 150k voters from the rolls, hitting Dem-leaning areas most If you live in the critically important state of Ohio and have not voted in the past few elections, you are probably ineligible to vote right now. If…

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GOP Staffer Testifies: Voter ID Laws Designed To Block Democrats

May 26, 2016

Voter ID laws are a sure-fire way to disenfranchise Democratic voters and prevent them from going to the polls. Especially in Wisconsin, where Republican Sen. Ron Johnson is running for a second term and facing off against former Democratic Sen. Russ Feingold. What…

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5 Reasons Why Bernie Sanders Should Fight On Until The Convention

April 20, 2016

“Bernie On The Ropes!” shouts the Huffington Post. “Clinton sinks Sanders in New York” blares the front page of Politico. Former presidential speechwriter and New York Post columnist John Podhertz says “New York’s Democrats have brought the Bernie insurgency closer to its…

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