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This EPIC ‘Nazi’ Trump Billboard is up to Stay Until Trump Goes Away, says Artist

March 19, 2017

Owner of Anti-Trump billboard refuses to remove it A controversial billboard on Phoenix’s Grand Avenue has been lifted, and its owner has claimed she will not remove it as long as Donald Trump is President. The billboard went up Friday…

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Five Things Conservatives Should Do Before Telling America To ‘Unite’

January 24, 2017

The Sweet, Sweet Irony: Conservatives Are All About Telling America To ‘Unite’ Behind Donald Trump If there’s one word conservatives have been throwing around hard since President Trump’s inauguration on Friday, it’s “Unite.” They’re really keen on the notion that…

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Classmates And Teachers Show Heartwarming Sign Of Solidarity With Muslim Student (VIDEO)

November 17, 2016

Students And Teachers Wear Hijab In Unity With Freshman Muslim Students and teachers at a high school in Duluth, Minnesota wore a hijab for a day in a show of solidarity with the one female Muslim student at the school…

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