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REPORT: Private Prisons Already Seeing A Big Return On Their Investment In Trump

February 28, 2017

Private prisons that have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to pro-Trump groups stand to rake in significant profits due to Trump’s immigration and justice policies. GEO Group, one of the largest private prison corporations in the country, and CoreCivic…

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Trump GUTTING Trillions From Climate, Science Programs – Just When We Need Them Most

January 21, 2017

Within hours after his inauguration, President Donald Trump appears to be taking a machete to the U.S. government, IFL!Science reports. In a particularly draconian set of moves, his administration plans to chop $10.5 trillion from the federal budget over the next…

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Pope Francis Has A Powerful Message For Those Who Fear Immigrants And Refugees (VIDEO)

November 20, 2016

Pope Francis is voicing concerns over the uptick in anti-immigrant bigotry in Europe and elsewhere. This is harming the weakest in society, he noted during a ceremony on Saturday, adding there is an “epidemic of animosity” against people of other…

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GOP Officials: Trans People Trample Rights Of Everyone Else

May 13, 2016

Are Trans People Trampling Rights Or Just Looking For Some Of Their Own North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory isn’t the only right-wing bigot to support House Bill 2, the state’s anti-LGBT law. On Wednesday, Dan Forest, lieutenant governor of North Carolina, also…

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FBI, Justice Department Asked To Investigate Police Brutality Of Teen-Aged Girl (VIDEOS)

October 27, 2015

“I’ve never seen anything so nasty looking, so sick to the point that other students are turning away. That’s supposed to be someone that’s going to protect us. Not somebody to be scared of.” By now, you have all heard…

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Prison Release Of 6000 Inmates By DOJ A Good Start, But Still Isn’t Nearly Enough (VIDEO)

October 8, 2015

Other side of coin: prison release is less than one-third of one percent of 2.2 million  incarcerated. In an effort to reduce over-crowding in federal prisons, and address glaring disparities in drug sentencing over the last three decades, the Justice Department…

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