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Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Taunts Trump on Twitter, Urges Thin-Skinned ‘President’ to Resign

May 18, 2017

Vicente Fox Makes Fun Of Trump…Again Vicente Fox, the former president of Mexico, openly taunted President Trump over Twitter. Fox’s tweet came after Trump himself took to Twitter to complain about the current investigation into his ties with Russia, which…

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10 of the Best Twitter Responses to Trump’s Hypocritical ‘Find the Leakers’ Tweet

May 16, 2017

Trump Asked For It The latest (in a long, long, long string) of Donald Trump tweets may have many asking (yet again), “Is this guy trolling America?” One day after the Washington Post broke the massive story that Donald Trump willingly and…

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Former Obama Adviser Decimates Trump’s Paranoid Twitter Rant With Actual Facts

March 4, 2017

Donald Trump Gets Destroyed By Facts It didn’t take long for the paranoid Twitter rant spewed forth in the early morning hours by President Donald Trump to be refuted by those very things which he hates the most: Facts. The…

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Trump Has Twitter Meltdown, Blames Dems For Russian Problems In Unhinged Rant (TWEETS)

March 3, 2017

Trump And The Russian Connection Won’t Go Away Remember how, just a few days ago, everyone raved about how great Donald Trump was doing, after he gave a clearly scripted speech from a teleprompter and managed to not say anything…

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UNHINGED: Donald Trump Blames His Putin Problem On Clinton In Insane Twitter Rant

February 15, 2017

Donald Trump Is Losing It On Twitter Donald Trump has hit peak Donald Trump on Twitter. He is angry. He is incoherent. Trump is teetering on the border of sanity and he’s doing it all on social media for the…

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Trump Just Threw An Epic Tantrum Because People Don’t Like Him, Promptly Gets Eaten Alive (TWEETS)

February 3, 2017

Donald Trump Is Sad Tweeting Again Donald Trump has a fragile ego – I mean, we all knew that, right? So there should be absolutely zero surprise when our leader takes to his favorite medium (Twitter) and sends out a…

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Trump’s Twitter Tantrums About The DNC Were Typical, But Not Even He Touched THIS Speaker

July 26, 2016

Another Day, Another Typical Trump Twitter Tantrum No one is surprised that Donald Trump, that icon of Republican values and the standard-bearer of the GOP, took to Twitter as the DNC got underway and Democrats continued to show the world…

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