Trump's ties to Russia Archives

‘Listen Up!’ WW2 Vet Bitterly SHREDS Trump’s Russian Treason In This Take-No-Prisoners Ad (VIDEO)

April 12, 2017

As Donald Trump’s presidency edges closer to the one hundred day mark, the one thing that we can say for certain is that nothing is no longer for certain. This uncertainty is particularly pronounced when assessing US-Russian relations since the…

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COVER-UP? Murdered Ex-KGB Chief Potentially Linked To Leaked Trump Dossier

January 28, 2017

In early January of this year, the media company “BuzzFeed” published a controversial dossier on then President-elect Donald Trump that declared, amongst a slew of scary connections, that Trump was being blackmailed by Russian politicians as a result of him…

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The Obsolete Electoral College Could Still Save Us All From A Trump Presidency

November 10, 2016

Before I write a single word on the subject in the title of this article, I want to acknowledge that it is an extremely unlikely proposition. So anyone hankering to post frantic accusations of deranged liberals in denial, STFU. I…

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BOMBSHELL: Harry Reid SLAMS FBI For Covering Up ‘Explosive’ Info On Trump’s ‘Close Ties’ To Russia

October 30, 2016

Harry Reid Goes Nuclear Harry Reid just let loose a bombshell of a tirade against FBI director James Comey. And, as satisfying as it may be to see a top Democrat like Reid take down Comey in a way that…

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