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Trump has Apologized for the Kavanaugh Ordeal….to Kavanaugh | Reverb TV

October 10, 2018

Trump has officially apologized for the controversial Kavanaugh ordeal by apologizing to Kavanaugh himself over the American people.

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Even a Fox News Host Thinks Trump Was an Idiot to Attack Christine Ford

October 3, 2018

Even Fox News has a problem with Trump's tactic of attacking the credibility of Christine Ford.

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Kellyanne Conway Reveals Personal Assault Story, Then Proceeds to Attack Other Victims

October 1, 2018

Kellyanne Conway is exploiting her own alleged assault to protect Kavanaugh.

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What Happens When an Unpopular Justice is Pushed Through? It leads to Partisan Nightmares

September 30, 2018

The United States has a terrible history of partisan hack Supreme Court justices, and Kavanaugh would just be another one.

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Have Things Changed for Accusers Since Anita Hill? The Answer is Mixed

September 27, 2018

Society has changed since Anita Hill, but Republicans remain the same heartless morons of yesteryear.

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Trump’s Latest Press Conference Turned Into an Embarrassing Meltdown

September 26, 2018

Donald Trump's recent White House press conference was somehow as embarrassing as his UN speech.

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“Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy” – Kellyanne Conway Begins Smearing Kavanaugh Accusers

September 24, 2018

Fake news artist Kellyanne Conway is attacking any accuser of Kavanaugh.

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Kavanaugh’s Youth Doesn’t Excuse His Alleged Crimes, Declares Criminal Justice Expert

September 20, 2018

Being a minor doesn't excuse the alleged crimes of Brett Kavanaugh in the criminal justice system.

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Susan Collins Talks Kavanaugh Allegations, Says he Could be Disqualified from Court | Reverb TV

September 18, 2018

Susan Collins, who could be the key vote on the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation, admits his lies could be a case for disqualification from the Supreme Court.

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Desperate to put Kavanaugh on the Court, GOP Senators Plan Sham Hearing for Witnesses

September 18, 2018

The GOP will do anything to get Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court before the blue wave in November.

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