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Time’s Up – A Trump Accuser Just won Her Democratic Primary — And She’s Not Alone

May 9, 2018

Rachel Crook told her story about Trump In 2005, a 22-year-old receptionist for the property development Bayrock Group was, she claims, riding in the elevator of Trump Tower, where Bayrock was based. While inside she encountered then-real estate mogul turned…

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BERN: If Franken Is Out, Trump Should Be Too — Sanders Demands Trump’s Resignation

December 7, 2017

Trump needs to go according to Bernie When it comes to responding to sexual abuse allegations, the difference between the Democratic and Republican parties is stark. Several members of both sides have been accused of misconduct and groping, but while…

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Trump Just Tweeted About Sen. Franken: BIG MISTAKE

November 17, 2017

Trump’s twitter fail As we reported earlier, President Trump attempted another method of distraction and division by attacking Democratic Senator Al Franken for allegedly kissing and groping a reporter without her consent. While Franken’s act has rightfully earned ire, it…

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Trump subpoenaed by ‘Apprentice’ co-star accuser for sexual assault documents

October 15, 2017

Trump has got another subpoena on his head Long before the horrors of Harvey Weinstein broke the news, there was a lot of controversy surrounding Donald Trump. While most people are only familiar with the leaked Access Hollywood audio conversation between…

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The Trump Admin is Funneling Millions of Taxpayer Dollars to Anti-choice ‘Fake Clinics’

September 10, 2017

The Trump Administration Might as well be burning your money Back in February 2017, we reported on how Donald Trump’s second son, Eric, had wasted nearly $100,000 in taxpayer money on a personal business trip to Uganda. It was a…

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