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The GOP Just Tried to Troll Hillary Clinton on Healthcare. She Dropped the Mic Instead

July 6, 2017

GOP Taunts Hillary Clinton, Who Claps Back Hard The Republican party is having a very hard time convincing America that it’s in everyone’s best interest to take healthcare away from millions of people so they can give billionaires a massive…

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Trump Tried To Take Credit for Building the Panama Canal – Twitter Destroys Him

June 20, 2017

Twitter users give Trump a history lesson When President Donald Trump met with Juan Carlos Varela, president of Panama at the White House Monday, he made a ham-fisted attempt to break the ice — by bringing up the Panama Canal.…

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That Time ‘a Moron Lile’ Me Got Caught Up In ‘Over-rated’ Trump’s Antisemitic Twitter Tantrum

June 10, 2017

We all know by now that Donald Trump loves him so Twitter. Especially in the early hours during his morning routine. Remember back in the day when Donald Trump would get into Twitter wars with users who criticized him? Or…

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This Politician Ruined An Internet Troll’s Day – By Calling His Grandma

April 27, 2017

A note for facebook trolls: Dear homophobic trolls — Whatever you do on Facebook and Twitter, don’t insult Pennsylvania House Rep. Brian K. Sims. Because if you do, he’ll call your grandmother. That’s what happened to one doofus who committed random acts…

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George Takei Schools Kim Davis Trolls: ‘I Know The First Amendment, Do You?’

September 9, 2015

Rowan County, Ky. clerk Kim Davis was released on Tuesday after being jailed over her refusal to issue marriage licenses. The congratulatory back-patting by herself and her supporters prompted veteran actor and gay rights activist George Takei to refer to…

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Rand Paul Tries Desperately To Be Funny, Trolls Hillary Clinton – FAILS (TWEET)

May 13, 2015

Rand Paul is at it again. Trolling on Twitter in a desperate attempt to be funny and appeal to younger voters. It would maybe be funny if it weren’t so sad and pathetic. Paul in yet another attempt to troll…

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Tom Cotton: Portrait of the Professional Troll Who Wants War With Iran

March 11, 2015

Tom Cotton has been all over the news lately, thanks to his “authorship” of a controversial letter to the leadership of Iran. We’ve already covered many of the details behind this letter. My colleagues Curtis Fease and Marc Belisle have…

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