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Trump Tweeted that his Horror Show Phoenix Rally was “Packed.” This Video Proves He Lied

August 23, 2017

Wednesday sees America awakening with a new sense of dread and distress following Tuesday night’s horror show of a Trump campaign rally in Phoenix. A SHIT SHOW IN PHOENIX If you watch true, *actual* media (READ: Not FOX), you will…

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Everything You Need To Know About The Electoral College (But Were Afraid To Ask) (VIDEO)

July 30, 2016

Due in large part to the rampant gerrymandering of congressional districts that both parties have historically used to manipulate it in order to entrench congressional candidates, we’ve decided to put together a primer to explain, in basic terms, The Electoral College. This…

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George W. Bush Might Have Screwed Donald Trump Out Of The Presidency

March 18, 2016

Donald Trump Presidency Could Be A Pipe Dream Thanks To George W. Bush We may be on the verge of the greatest instance of schadenfreude in American — if not World — history! It turns out that far-right voters’ hopes…

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