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Is Trump Getting Credit for an Economy Republicans Criticized Obama for? | Reverb TV

October 1, 2018

Republican hypocrisy is in full swing as they praise Trump for an economy that Obama was once harshly criticized for.

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Numbers Don’t Lie: President Obama Kicked Trump’s Ass on Twitter in 2017

December 8, 2017

Thanks, Obama. You’ve Been a Constant Reminder that we can do better than Trump President Donald Trump may be the most prominent reason that Twitter has cemented its status within the fabric of the history of communication. Every morning it…

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Trump Administration Ridiculously Tries to Distance Themselves from Flynn – by Blaming Obama

December 1, 2017

when in doubt, Blame obama Michael Flynn, the former adviser to the Trump Campaign, as well as the first National Security Advisor for the Trump Administration, pleaded guilty to lying about communicating with the Russians during the 2016 general election.…

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Thanks Obama: Kellyanne Conway Blames Former President for Las Vegas Shooting

October 5, 2017

Kellyanne Conway is blaming Obama….again One thing that has been noticed by political analysts is President Trump’s desire to eliminate most of the legislative legacy of former President Barack Obama. Proof of this comes from his ending of Obama-era policies…

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Donald Trump Descends into Hysteria, Demands Apology for Russian Investigation, Attacks Obama

June 26, 2017

Donald Trump Dives Deeper Into Madness Donald Trump decided to prove to the world – again – that he is growing increasingly frightened of the Russian investigation. His protests via his favorite social media platform are growing more hysterical, petulant,…

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Obamacare Saved My Life—Trumpcare May Have Killed Me

April 26, 2017

I’m Alive: Thanks Obama! Tuesday, we got another dose of an Obamacare alternative when Republicans introduced another healthcare amendment. The amendment is another falls-short attempt at better healthcare.  This one, like the last attempt at Trumpcare, sounds  more like careless…

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Sisters UNITE! Women’s March Took The World By Storm — But The Resistance Is Just Beginning

January 21, 2017

Please, please don’t let this moment pass On the Saturday following President Trump’s inauguration, people around the world gathered together in solidarity in a Woman’s March, initially conceived as a march on Washington. It quickly spread to hundreds of cities…

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These Swan Song Letters To President Obama Will Make you Cry Tears of Joy

December 16, 2016

In exactly five weeks, on January 20th, Barack Obama will no longer be our President of the United States. Assuming the electoral college does not do anything, we will be stuck with Donald Trump and his cabinet of deplorables for…

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Right Wing Media Pushing INSANE Theory Obama Attacked Trump’s Resort With Secret Hurricane Machine

October 7, 2016

Of Course The Hurricane Is A ‘Thanks, Obama!’ Moment There is no limit to what desperately sad and angry conservatives will blame President Barack Obama for, so it should come as no surprise that of course they hold the first…

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Barack Obama Just Brilliantly Trolled Donald Trump While The Entire World Was Watching (VIDEO)

September 20, 2016

Obama: A Nation Ringed By Walls Would Only Imprison Itself Making the last address to the United Nations of his presidency, Barack Obama offered a stern warning to the rest of the globe over internal schisms, growing inequality and emerging isolationism.…

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