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Guess Why This Guy Who Blew Himself up Making Bombs Isn’t Getting Called a Terrorist

March 8, 2017

Sure, he had homemade bombs, but don’t call him a domestic terrorist Butte, Montana man was found dead on Saturday night after a bomb exploded in his home. But the cause of his death wasn’t the explosion. Instead, he put…

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OUTFOXED: Trump Bought Fox News BS About Fake Sweden Attack Over Presidential Briefing

February 19, 2017

Donald Trump’s presidency hasn’t only heralded an unprecedented and disturbing new way of doing politics but it has also resulted in the evolution of a distinctly unique political parlance. Terms like; ‘build the wall‘ ‘drain the swamp‘ and ‘make America…

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Trump Adviser Rudy Giuliani Has A Crazy, Orwellian Plan To Track Anyone, All The Time (VIDEO)

July 29, 2016

Rudy Giuliani, Former New York City mayor turned Donald Trump adviser says he thinks forcing Muslims to wear electronic monitoring tags, otherwise known as GPS bracelets, if they are on the federal government’s terrorism watch list is a great idea.…

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BREAKING: Terrorists Mow Down French Partiers With Truck: Nearly 100 Dead, Hundreds Injured (VIDEO)

July 14, 2016

Dozens feared dead in attack in French city of Nice Dozens of people are believed to be dead while many others injured in an attack in Nice, France. The former mayor of the French city of Nice recently tweeted that…

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BREAKING: Istanbul Airport Terror Attack, At Least 36 Killed (VIDEO)

June 28, 2016

Blasts and shooting during terror attack in Istanbul airport Ataturk UPDATE 5:02 PST 6/28/2016 At least 36 people have been reported kill and 147 people injured during a terror attack inside Istanbul airport Ataturk on Tuesday evening. Turkey’s largest airport,…

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Paris Is In Germany? Donald Trump Is A National Embarassment

January 7, 2016

Since when is Paris in Germany? Since foreign policy powerhouse Donald Trump said so. Since when is Paris located in Germany? Since top GOP presidential candidate and foreign policy powerhouse Donald Trump said so, apparently. In response to recent news about…

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Carly Fiorina Incites Terrorist, Then Doubles Down On ‘Baby Parts’ Lie (VIDEO)

November 29, 2015

Carly Fiorina laments terrorist attack, keeps spreading the Planned Parenthood lies that provoked it. “Well, this is a tragedy.  It’s obviously a tragedy.  Nothing justifies this,” GOP 2016 hopeful Carly Fiorina told Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday when he asked her…

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Epic Fail: Jeb Says Brother Kept Us Safe (VIDEO)

September 17, 2015

The Republican presidential candidates debated on CNN last night, raising the bar for bad ideas to a new level. When Rick Santorum and Ben Carson look to be the reasonable ones, the entire primary is in trouble. The true failure…

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President Obama’s ‘Greatest Frustration’? No Action on Guns

July 24, 2015

In an interview with BBC, President Obama admitted that the lack of Congressional action to curtail gun violence in the U.S. has been his greatest frustration as president. President Obama told BBC’s Jon Sopel that the U.S. needs tighter gun…

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