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IRS Strikes Huge Blow to Richard Spencer’s White Nationalist Nonprofit

March 14, 2017

Like an antifa on the streets of D.C., the IRS just socked it to white nationalist Richard Spencer and the National Policy Institute (NPI), stripping the alt-right organization of its tax-exempt status for lack of filing with the federal government.…

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Sorry, Republicans – Most People Really Do Prefer Clear Separation Of Church And State

September 9, 2016

Keep God Out Of Government…And Government Out Of God A new survey shows that a strong majority of Americans really do prefer a clear separation of church and state, and firmly believe that politics should be kept out of the…

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Wisconsin Pastor: ‘Vote Conservative!’

April 8, 2015

There is a tenuous line between church and state. This boundary was completely dissolved in Wisconsin. Pastor Fred Smith of the Watertown Community Church worked a political agenda into his sermon, telling his parishioners how to vote in the upcoming…

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