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Trump has Apologized for the Kavanaugh Ordeal….to Kavanaugh | Reverb TV

October 10, 2018

Trump has officially apologized for the controversial Kavanaugh ordeal by apologizing to Kavanaugh himself over the American people.

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NYT Columnist Charles Blow SHREDS Trump Advocate For Supporting ‘Unrepentant Bully’ (VIDEO)

November 10, 2016

Respected Columnist Charles Blow Rips Trump Advocate New York Times columnist Charles Blow tore into one Trump sycophant who complained that the discussion about racism is a media construct. Appearing on CNN, Blow ripped into Andy Dean, who was whining…

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Trump-Supporting ‘Patriot’ Tells Reporters ‘Hillary Needs To Be Taken Out’ (VIDEO)

October 18, 2016

At a rally for Donald Trump in Cincinnati, Ohio last week, one of his supporters told reports that Hillary Clinton “needs to be taken out” and that “she should be in prison or shot.” Is Hillary Clinton safe from these…

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In Determined DNC Speech, Hillary Makes History And History Makes Hillary

July 28, 2016

Hillary Lays Out Her Vision While Embracing American History Hillary Clinton accepted the Democratic party’s nomination for president Thursday night in Philadelphia. Clinton became the first woman to cross that barrier on a major party’s ticket in American history. She noted…

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Clinton Just Dropped A Major Bombshell At Netroots In A Huge Win For Democracy! (VIDEO)

July 16, 2016

Perhaps Bernie Sanders really has influenced Hillary Clinton. She now says if she’s elected president, she plans to implement a constitutional amendment that would overturn the Citizens United decision during her first month in office. Will Clinton put an end to…

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Artist Asks 100 Women To Pose Nude At Republican Convention

May 13, 2016

Artist Spencer Tunick is looking for 100 women to pose nude at the Republican Convention in Cleveland, Ohio this July. He’s doing this to remind Republicans that women play a huge part in deciding the outcome of the election and have a…

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