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Author Stephen King ‘Gently, Kindly’ Destroys Loyal Trump Fans in 5 Words

April 26, 2017

Stephen King Seems Concerned Horror writer (and active anti-Trump public figure) Stephen King changed tactics when issuing a “gentle” message to Trump voters. Rather than issuing a message in his usual acerbic, biting style, Stephen King instead tweeted out the…

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Stephen King Hilariously Mocks Trump’s Paranoid Wiretap Claims On Twitter

March 5, 2017

Stephen King Pokes Fun At President Trump Author Stephen King took to Twitter on Saturday to have a good laugh after President Donald Trump had yet another meltdown on the social media platform. Trump accused former President Obama of wiretapping the phones at…

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Welcome To The Dead Zone: Trump’s Scary Similarity To Stephen King’s Doomsday Politician

March 10, 2016

Trump’s comments on nuclear issues are terrifying We’ve heard Donald Trump saying stupid, racist and ignorant comments every time he dares to speak. Yet we seem not to have taken enough time to absorb some serious stuff that could change…

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Gun Owner Stephen King Calls For Better Gun Control (TWEETS)

June 20, 2015

As Republicans jump to call for more guns to prevent mass shootings, gun owner Stephen King is pleading for increased gun control. In the wake of the horrific domestic terrorist shooting at a historically black South Carolina church that took…

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