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GOP Senator Taunts Female SCOTUS Protestors | Reverb TV

October 4, 2018

MSNBC hosts on Morning Joe give their honest reaction to Trump and Kim Jong-un's declaration of love.

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Why Trump and Sessions are Wrong about Immigrant Asylum Law

June 17, 2018

There's a big problem with the Trump Administration's policy.

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Birds of a Feather: Perv-In-Chief Trump Gives Roy Moore Most Enthusiastic Endorsement Yet

December 8, 2017

In a Caps Lock Tweet, Donald Trump Threw The Full Weight of the White House Behind Accused Pedophile Roy Moore A week that saw “The Silence Breakers” named Time’s Persons of the Year for speaking out against institutionalized sexual harassment and three…

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Like Father, Like Son: Donald Jr. Offers Mind-Blowing Advice To Women In The Workplace (AUDIO)

October 14, 2016

Donald Jr. Must Be Making Daddy Proud Donald Trump Jr. is just as forward-thinking and feminist as his dad when it comes to women in the workforce. During a 2013 interview on The Opie and Anthony Show, unearthed by Buzzfeed,  Donald Jr.…

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Virginia Finally Dealing With Archaic Child Marriage Laws

July 8, 2016

Child marriage is Now banned in Virginia The state of Virginia had, until now, no minimum age requirement to get married. hen speaking of child marriage, we think of developing countries, poor societies, or cultural and religious traditions which, for most…

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Archdiocese Hid $1.7 Billion To Stiff Sex Abuse Victims, Lawyers Claim (VIDEO)

May 24, 2016

Twin Cities archdiocese is being accused of hiding nearly $2 billion in assets for the heinous reason of allegedly trying to “avoid big payouts to abuse survivors.” Attorneys claim the Minneapolis/St. Paul archdiocese actually has $1.7 billion in assets—a far…

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New Audit Of U.S. Catholic Church Sexual Abuse Will Shock You

May 21, 2016

Audit on Catholic church shows disturbing results on sexual abuse Every year, an audit is conducted on the US Roman Catholic Church concerning reports of sexual abuse conducted by members of the clergy, since the Church began experiencing a series…

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Trump Denies Child Rape Accusation, But The Media Shouldn’t Dismiss It So Easily

May 2, 2016

Trump Denies He Raped Underage Girl In 1994, Calls Allegation ‘Categorically False’ There are a great many things you might call Donald Trump — racist, philistine, extremist — but is he also a child rapist? That’s what one woman is claiming in…

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Former Memphis Cop And His Father Guilty Of Rape, Incest

December 27, 2015

On December 17, former Memphis Police Officer, Cornelius Monger, 36, was found guilty of multiple rape and incest charges. A jury found Monger guilty of statutory rape by an authority figure and incest. His victim testified the abuse began when she…

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Florida Cop Arrested After He Brags About Sex With 15 Year Old (VIDEO)

December 25, 2015

Florida continues to live up to its infamous reputation as one of the craziest states in the country. Eloisa Velez was aware her husband, 27-year-old police officer in Bartow, Florida, Randy Velez, had an affair this past August. What she…

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