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Rep. Adam Schiff & Bill Maher Remind Us What the Russians REALLY Want to Destroy (VIDEO)

May 15, 2017

Rep. Adam Schiff Appears on Real Time with Bill Maher Representative Adam Schiff has become the leading voice in the constant battle for truth in the era of Trump. And during a recent interview with Bill Maher, the two went…

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Trump Lawyer Releases Curious Tidbit About Trump’s Taxes – Internet Explodes with Hilarity

May 12, 2017

Trump Lawyer Says No Ties To Russia…With Few Exceptions. Huh? A day after Donald Trump stated he might release his tax returns only after he leaves office, his lawyer tried to help calm any fears about his taxes and any…

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BREAKING: White House Admits They Violated Justice Dept. Rules, Spoke With FBI About Russia

February 24, 2017

The FBI Violated Its Own Rules In the wake of Michael Flynn’s resignation over communications with Russia, many national security concerns have arisen regarding the Trump Administration. Combined with the Trump White Houses’s war on the media, and you have…

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