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Hate Trumps Love? Red State Defies Supreme Court To Deny Same-Sex Couples Equal Rights

June 30, 2017

possibly To be Resolved in October sCOTUS ruling With the case Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Civil Rights Commission scheduled for Supreme Court arguments this October, you may have believed the last vestiges of legal discrimination against same-sex couples may be coming…

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Gay Military Member Excited, Nervous to March in Uniform in Seattle Gay Pride Parade

June 25, 2017

With Republican Donald Trump in the White House and his Vice President Mike Pence describing himself as a Christian-first, the LGBT community may have more to be apprehensive about during this year’s Pride Month than many before. Yet as we…

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United Nations: Freedom of Speech Disappearing in Large Swaths of U.S., Other Human Rights Threatened

March 31, 2017

UN alarmed over human rights in the United States he United Nations has expressed concern over the human rights situation in the United States. Nineteen states in the country introduced bills to curb freedom of expression as well as the…

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Republican Senator Threatens Citizen With Arrest If They Continue Asking For A Town Hall

March 1, 2017

Republican Senator Sends Threatening Letter After Being Pestered About Town Halls A Republican Senator has had enough of his constituents asking him to have a town hall meeting to meet with them. Ron Johnson, Republican US Senator from Wisconsin, has…

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‘We Shouldn’t Have Tears’ 9 Year Old BLM Protester’s Testimony Goes Viral (VIDEO)

September 29, 2016

When this young Black Lives Matter protester testified about police brutality at a City Council meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina, she probably didn’t know her testimony would go viral. But fortunately it did. This nine-year-old protester spoke volumes Young Zianna…

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Wikileaks’ Dumps Expose Innocent People To Identify Theft And Stalking

July 25, 2016

Ethical Questions Linger After Wikileaks Dumps Expose Personal Information How much transparency is good? Would the world be a better place without any secrets? Wikileaks has worked since its inception for this alleged common good. But they may have done…

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Target Stock Is Plunging, And Bigots Are Rejoicing

May 21, 2016

Target Stocks Are Taking A Nosedive Amid A Protest By Right-Wing Anti-Trans Bigots hey might be on the wrong side of history, but the anti-transgender bigots who are boycotting Target Inc. over their “controversial” bathroom policy believe they’re doing real…

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Oregon Judge Vance Day Refusing To Marry Gay Couples

September 8, 2015

A circuit court judge in Oregon is now joining Kim Davis on a list of fanatical religious zealots who don’t understand either the Bible or the Constitution, and is refusing to perform marriage ceremonies. And now, he’s raising money to…

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Far Right Blames Amtrak Crash On Engineer’s Gay Rights Activism

May 14, 2015

Several commentators in the far right’s media echo chamber failed to understand basic cause and effect when discussing what may have contributed to the Amtrak train crash in Philadelphia on Tuesday night. It all started when Chuck Johnson‘s news outlet…

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Justice Scalia Offended By “Unpalatable” Rights

April 28, 2015

I’m tired of writing about it. I’m tired of there being a need to write about it. But it seems like the stain of ignorance and righteous bigotry will never fade… This morning, during oral arguments in the case of…

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