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Breitbart’s Advertisers Flee After Traffic Plummets In Wake of Trump Presidency

June 10, 2017

Advertisers are fleeing another sinking ship — and this time, it’s Breitbart. The alt-right site has lost 90 percent of its advertisers in recent months, falling from 242 in March to just 26 in May, according to data compiled by MediaRadar,…

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Trump Blames Muslims For His Anti-Gay Legislation (VIDEO)

October 1, 2016

To attack Muslims, Trump pandered to the LGBTQ community It’s no secret that Donald Trump hates Muslims. In an effort to ban them from the U.S., he’s now championing a dangerous idea that would harm the LGBT community. rump has…

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Should Stores Be Open On Thanksgiving? These Retailers Say ‘No Way!’

November 23, 2015

If stores stay open on Thanksgiving, does it really benefit the retailer? To open or not to open; that is the question retailers face when deciding on holiday hours. Black Friday is still the busiest shopping day of the year,…

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Are America’s Part Time Workers Being Abused?

April 13, 2015

Where do you draw the line between running an efficient business, and abusing the employees? That is exactly the dilemma which NY State Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman is investigating. At issue are the practices of 13 major retailers involving unpredictable…

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