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Sean Bean Slams Fascist ‘Buffoon’ Donald Trump

January 19, 2016

When Larry King asked British superstar Sean Bean what most confuses him, and other English people, about America, the actor knew exactly what confused him most: how anyone in America could possibly take Donald Trump seriously as a Presidential candidate.…

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Sarah Palin Plays ‘Would You Rather’ With CNN Reporter (VIDEO)

December 21, 2015

Oh, Sarah Palin! She can’t seem to stop proving to America and the world, just how ignorant and goofy she is — by gosh! After being asked the hypothetical question of who former Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin would vote…

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Girl Scouts Equal Nazis: Running Dangerous Social Engineering Experiments (VIDEO)

May 15, 2015

May I be candid?  I was a Girl Scout from second grade through my senior year in high school, and I have to say, I feel cheated.  No one ever tried to indoctrinate me, lead me down the Sapphic path,…

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