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Bernie Sanders To Rachel Maddow: ‘We Have Got To Fight Back!’ (VIDEO)

January 4, 2017

Sanders knows what needs to be done Bernie Sanders has a message for those of us who are still upset over Donald Trump winning the election: Get over it and get to work! On Tuesday night he told MSNBC’s Rachel…

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Green Party Rejects Sanders Supporters In Mind-Numbing Snub

August 5, 2016

Green Party Convention Kickoff The Green Party presidential convention kicked off this week in Houston, Texas. There we will have the usual speeches, the votes for platform, calls for unity, ending with the nomination of candidates for President and Vice…

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Bernie Sanders’ Progressive Platform Is Here To Stay

July 19, 2016

There Will Be No Minority Report From Bernie Sanders Bernie Sanders is satisfied enough with his access and influence on the Democratic Party platform that he will not be pursuing a minority report to push for more changes at the Democratic convention…

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Surprise! Clinton Supporters Favor Bernie Sanders For Hillary’s Running Mate

May 18, 2016

The battle between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders during the primaries has been fiery, but surprisingly it looks like Democratic voters want her to choose Sanders as her running mate. A recent national telephone survey conducted by Rasmussen Reports found that…

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