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What This Kid Called Hillary Clinton Proves Her Campaign’s In Serious Trouble (VIDEO)

January 26, 2016

Hillary Clinton fans are full of praise for her performance at CNN’s Town Hall in Iowa on Tuesday. Politicus USA lauds her “presidential performance,” the Boston Globe gushes, “Clinton Commands Town Hall,” and the Washington Post claims Hillary Clinton “Beat Sanders.” But all the rave reviews…

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Polls: Bernie Sanders Outperforms Clinton In General Election Matchups

January 11, 2016

Polling matchups contradict assumptions about Bernie Sanders and the general election, again “Bernie Sanders can’t win the general election” has been a rallying cry of his critics since Sanders entered the presidential primary race last April. In an election where a…

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Hillary Clinton’s Poll Numbers Take A Huge Drop In Just One Month

August 4, 2015

Hillary Clinton’s campaign looks more and more like déjà vu all over again. A new poll shows that her approval ratings dropped drastically from the end of June to the end of July. The loss of support from white women is…

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Donald Trump Looms Large As Horrified GOP Surges Towards Meltdownmageddon (VIDEO)

July 30, 2015

“It’s a terrific place, Iowa,” Donald Trump enthused to a cheering crowd of 1,300 during his “family picnic” in the small city of Oskaloosa. For Bernie Sanders, that kind of turnout would be disappointing, but for a GOP candidate for…

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It Turns Out Donald Trump Can’t Stop Saying Stupid Shit About Mexicans (VIDEO)

July 6, 2015

Meet Donald Trump. He’s got a problem. He just can’t seem to make himself stop saying stupid shit about Mexicans. And why would he even try? Sure, racism’s bad for business, but ever since Trump made that first anti-Mexican comment his poll numbers…

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