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Bill Maher Rips Anthony Weiner For F*cking ‘Everyone’ (VIDEO)

October 29, 2016

HBO’s Bill Maher is pretty upset about a potential Donald Trump presidency. Like many of us, he believes Donald Trump will be a dangerous president. So for him, Hillary Clinton’s emails aren’t a big deal. Bill Maher absolutely owns anthony…

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‘There’s A Lot Of Screaming’: American Police Officers Forcefully Inserting Catheters Into Suspects To Collect Urine Samples

July 1, 2016

Police in this one state are resorting to using a particularly nasty and painful procedure to see if people they are arresting having been using drugs. South Dakota’s Argus Leader reports that police in this state are now using catheters to extract…

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New ‘Girther Movement’ Demands To See Donald’s Alleged ‘Trump Tower’

March 6, 2016

‘Girthers’ Demand Proof Of Donald Trump’s Alleged Penis, Want To See ‘Schlong-Form Girth Certificate’ The 2016 presidential election is one about all of the very serious issues our nation is faced with today. The future of health care, budget and…

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Ex-Con Shoots Himself In The Penis, Blames Imaginary Black Guy

September 30, 2015

Is that a gun in your pocket or are you Just a racist? Sometimes the universe is in alignment and as the saying goes, the truth IS stranger than fiction. And much more entertaining. Until you get to the racism…

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