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Trump’s Abortion Crackdown Letter Includes New Crazy Conspiracy

September 17, 2016

Making Abortion Illegal Again? Donald Trump is now appealing to abortion foes and has released a letter outlining his plan to make abortion de-facto illegal for most women. n Friday, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump released a letter outlining his…

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REVEALED: GOP Insider Just Leaked Donald Trump’s Secret Plan To Slash Social Security

May 30, 2016

Throughout Donald Trump’s campaign for president he has taken numerous positions on fundamental issues that directly contradict his prior statements on the same issues. For example, in years past he has said that he is pro-choice, that he supported a…

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Trump Campaign Insists VP Pick Will Be ‘White Male’ And The Reason Will Make You F*cking Furious

May 26, 2016

Trump Campaign Panders To Whites With Pledge To Avoid Pandering n a massive pandering move to Donald Trump’s unapologetic white pride base, Trump’s campaign chair, Paul Manafort, said the Trump camp will be sticking with white men in consideration for…

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Group Of Latinos Kicked Out Of Jeb Bush Event (VIDEO)

June 19, 2015

Someone at the Jeb Bush for President campaign headquarters better send out a memo to all their event staff to not kick out Latino groups because they ‘might‘ be protesters. This course of action could definitely cause a rift between…

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Jeb Bush Panders: Poor Children, America Cannot Thrive Without Traditional Marriage

May 18, 2015

Jeb Bush is flailing around like a fish out of water. This looks like a forming pattern. Last week it was the Iraq war.  Now it’s same-sex marriage, poverty and children, which apparently he believes are all inter-connected. Either he…

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Scott Walker: Tea Party Hero, Koch Puppet, Liar, Hypocrite, and Pandering Moral Coward

February 21, 2015

So it seems that Scott Walker, Republican governor of Wisconsin, Koch puppet, liar, hypocrite, and pandering moral coward, is unsure as to whether or not President Obama is a Christian. Confronted with Obama’s frequent professions of Christian faith, Walker stuck to his…

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