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Descendants of Stonewall Jackson Pen Emotional Letter, Ask for ‘Removal of all Confederate Statues’

August 17, 2017

Scions of Infamous Confederate General Call the Statues  ‘Overt Symbols of Racism and White Supremacy’ In the wake of the Charlottesville terrorist attack, America has once again begun to reassess the way it puts the Civil War into perspective. Now, the…

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Electors Demand Intelligence Briefing Prior To Electoral College Vote (VIDEO)

December 13, 2016

Several Electoral College electors have written an open letter to U.S. intelligence officials, requesting more information on ongoing investigations into president-elect Donald Trump’s ties to Russia, The Hill reports. And the move has garnered the support of the Clinton campaign. Electors…

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Hundreds Of Scientists, Including Stephen Hawking, Warn Electing Trump Could Doom The Planet (VIDEO)

September 22, 2016

The possibility of a Trump presidency is worrying physicist Stephen Hawking and several hundred other scientists, and they have released an open letter Tuesday denouncing the Republican presidential nominee. Scientists slam trump Citing the threat of climate change and blasting him…

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Furious Karl Rove Smacks Trump In Epic Rant: ‘Does He Want To Win?’ (VIDEO)

August 13, 2016

Karl Rove is not happy with Donald Trump’s antics. He let that be known on Fox News Friday afternoon, lambasting the real estate mogul for not staying on message and for continually tripping himself up with off-the-cuff, not particularly well-considered…

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Bankruptcy Attorney Hilariously Trolls Anti-Gay Auto Shop Owner In Open Letter

April 17, 2015

Michigan auto shop owner Brian Klawiter is learning very quickly that hate is bad for business, and now he’s being mocked by a bankruptcy attorney who wrote an open letter offering his non-discriminatory services. Earlier this week, Klawiter posted a…

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