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IMPEACH! The Arpaio Pardon Seals Either Trump’s Fate, or America’s

August 28, 2017

In an August 22nd Op-Ed for Bloomberg, Harvard Professor Noah Feldman wrote that an Arpaio pardon by President Trump “would not be an ordinary exercise of the power — it would be an impeachable offense.” Feldman went on to explain…

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Black Muslim Judge Swears Oath On Quran, Right-Wing Bigots Go Insane (VIDEO)

December 15, 2015

Muslim judge takes oath of office on Quran instead of Bible “Obama’s America,” the hysterical headline from Allen West’s website blares. “Muslim Woman Sworn In As Judge, Look At The FIRST Thing She Does!” And sure enough, there’s Carolyn Walker-Diallo, the newly-elected…

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This Small Town Southern Mayor Won’t Swear In On The Bible: Here’s Why (VIDEO)

December 14, 2015

Newly re-elected Mayor Bob Scott swears in his oath of office on the U.S. Constitution. Mayor Bob Scott of Franklin, N.C. has sworn an oath of office many times over the course of his decades of public service, starting with…

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