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Elizabeth Warren Burns Trump in Epic Fashion After Racist Attacks At Hate-Filled Rally

July 6, 2018

Donald Trump took another bigoted pot-shot at Elizabeth Warren. The Massachusetts Senator swiftly put him in his place.

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Deporting And Terrorizing Undocumented Immigrants Will Cause Economic Collapse—Just Ask Alabama

February 12, 2017

Strict Alabama Law Shows What Happens When Undocumented Immigrants Flee The 45th president of the United States continues his war on immigrants. The White House is rewriting its executive order fulfilling a campaign promise to ban Muslims after the 9th…

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Pipeline Company Terrorizes Native American Protesters With Attack Dogs (VIDEO)

September 4, 2016

A Native American protest against the construction of an oil pipeline that they say threatens their land took a violent turn, Saturday, when the Dakota Access company attacked protesters with dogs and pepper spray, as evidenced by dramatic and disturbing…

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Dear Non Natives: It’s Time We Start Listening to Native Americans

August 1, 2015

Since late Thursday, Native Americans have been telling non-natives what we really need to hear with the hashtag #DearNonNatives. It’s about time that the rest of us start listening. Western governments and non-native western people have a history of ignoring Native voices,…

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Few Consequences For Executives Who Pour Beer On, Hurl Racist Insults At Native Children

July 27, 2015

In January, a trip to a hockey game for 57 Native American students from Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota turned into a nightmare when drunk men hurled racist insults at the children and poured beer on their heads. ThinkProgress…

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