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After Hitting Lie Milestone, Trump Hints At Suing Truth Tellers

January 10, 2018

Donald Trump Says He Wants To Change Libel Laws, Despite Telling Mountain Of Lies As President Republican Donald Trump recently passed a rather embarrassing milestone when it comes to dishonesty. According to the Washington Post‘s tally, the former reality star…

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Robert Reich Delivers Epic Smackdown to Ann Coulter after ‘Free Speech’ Whine (VIDEO)

May 1, 2017

Robert Reich Schools Ann Coulter Ann Coulter attempted to extend her hypocritical whine over “free speech,” which, in reality, is a  thinly-veiled attempt to attack college campuses, but Robert Reich wasn’t having it. Both appeared on ABC’s This Week with host Jonathan…

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Bush Ethics Lawyer Says Obama, Queen Could Sue Trump For Libel

March 21, 2017

Bush Lawyer: Continued Claims That UK, Obama Tapped Trump Tower Could Now be considered ‘Libel’. Attorney Richard Painter probably knows more than most about law, ethics and the presidency. He served as the Chief Ethics Lawyer in the White House…

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The US Press Just Threw Down The Gauntlet Against Trump, Refuses To Be Bullied

January 18, 2017

Donald Trump has attacked the press on a number of occasions, and that includes his recent dust-up with CNN’s JIm Acosta, whom he insulted, refusing to answer his questions. Now, there’s the possibility that the Trump team may move the White House press…

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So Much For The First Amendment: Trump Pledges To Loosen Libel Laws

February 27, 2016

Donald fucking Trump is at it again. In today’s installment of life with America’s wackiest fascist Republican candidate, we bring you Trump’s thoughts on libel laws. In a surprise twist, he’s not a huge fan: “Donald Trump’s latest threat against the…

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