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Horrible Trump Voter Who Targeted Undocumented Student Gets Served Massive Dose of Karma

September 17, 2017

Trump Voter Targets Dreamer A young Trump voter who tried to target an undocumented student at his university got a massive lesson in both karma and irony. Back in September, following Trump’s recent DACA decision, Taylor Ragg, proud owner of…

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Cop Who Accused Sonic Worker Of Spitting In His Drink Just Got Arrested For Meth Possession (VIDEO)

July 5, 2015

Remember that police officer who recently accused a Sonic employee of spitting in his drink? An accusation that was later found to be utterly false, and it was revealed that he actually spit in his own drink. Well, karma just…

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Pay-For-Play Hunter Grins In Photo Of Giraffe She Killed, Gets Destroyed By Internet (IMAGE)

April 16, 2015

Karma is currently beating the hell out of a pay-for-play hunter from Utah after she posted an image of herself smiling next to a dead giraffe she had just killed. Rebecca Francis fancies herself a big game hunter and she…

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