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BREAKING: Shocking Number Lose Healthcare, Huge Cuts to Medicaid in Senate Trumpcare, CBO Reports

June 26, 2017

CBO Flattens Republicans’ Trumpcare Delusions Yet Again The Congressional Budget Office published its analysis of the Senate’s bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act, Monday afternoon. Like its analysis of the House’s version of Trumpcare, the CBO’s report is a…

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The Senate’s Health Care Bill Is Super Secret—But This Detail Just Leaked and it’s Terrifying

June 20, 2017

Secret Senate Republican Healthcare Bill is a Scam After a couple humiliating failed attempts to repeal Obamacare since gaining the majority, Senate Republicans have cloistered themselves in private rooms and within a media bubble to hammer out a bill that…

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‘King Of Debt’ Trump’s Economic Plan: Bankruptcy, Default, And Hyperinflation

May 9, 2016

Donald Trump Will Be an economic disaster and ‘King of Debt’ proposals are proving it Donald Trump is proving to be, not just a little ignorant on the economy, but downright dangerously stupid when it comes to economic matters. The…

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Fall Of The ¥uan Dynasty? China’s Communist Party May Pay Dearly For Its Panic

July 8, 2015

China’s Yuan Dynasty collapsed in 1368, of course, following a century of Mongolian conquest. But the Yuan, China’s currency, is tottering in the stock market. The Chinese Communist Party, which rules the world’s most populous nation without rival, may be…

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GOP Obstructionism Pushing 70 Percent Of American Families Closer To Ruin

January 30, 2015

The American middle class has been shrinking for nearly half a century, according to Dionne Searcey and Robert Gebeloff of the New York Times. The authors contend that since the year 2000, more workers and families have “fallen to the…

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