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Anderson Cooper Chews Up, Spits Out Roy Moore’s Lackey Spokeswoman in Must-Watch Interview (VIDEO)

December 7, 2017

Anderson Cooper used facts to humiliate Roy Moore’s spokeswoman Conservative voters in Alabama have a seemingly tough choice on their hands: either vote for a Democrat in the special election and betray their political values, or vote for alleged pedophile…

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Here’s the REAL Reason the GOP May Cancel Their Summer Recess

June 19, 2017

No Work And All Play? The GOP made headlines on Monday because they may end up scrapping their month-long August vacation. And we all know this is a group that loves to take their time off, even while denying it…

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GOP May Shutdown Government To Ensure Flint Water Stays Poisoned

September 23, 2016

GOP Wants No Part Of Helping Flint And They Are Willing To Shutdown Government To Prove It As the clock ticks down toward another possible government shutdown on October 1st, Democrats and Republicans are battling to make sure certain programs…

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5 Ways Donald Trump Will Obliterate The GOP This Election

May 9, 2016

Trump Effect Could Be Massively Traumatic To Republican Party The smoke has now fully cleared on the Republican presidential primary and Donald Trump has miraculously emerged as the GOP’s standard bearer for the 2016 election cycle. And if some in…

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