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Stormy Daniels Lawyer Brilliantly Trolled Fox News With This Genius Move

May 3, 2018

Daniels Lawyer Almost Felt Sorry for Fox News Rudy Giuliani told the world what we already suspected in an interview on Hannity, when he disclosed the President re-embursed Michael Cohen for payments to Stormy Daniels. Giuliani and Trump now don’t…

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8 Conservative Values Republicans Can No Longer Claim After Falling In Line Behind Trump

November 22, 2017

Sorry, Republicans – Your Shaky Moral High Ground Has Been Destroyed Altogether Republicans have long since held a core of dearly and fiercely beloved set of central conservative “beliefs” that they trot out in defense of their positions. Republicans are fiscally conservative! Republicans are…

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‘Trump Criticizes Trump’: Internet Archive of Trump Tweets is a Goldmine of Hypocrisy

June 12, 2017

Trump Contradicts Himself…A Lot There’s a theory floating around the internet that says for every statement Donald Trump makes, there is a tweet he made that directly contradicts it. It’s not a bad theory, as far as theories go, actually.…

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Donald Trump Makes Stunningly Hypocritical Earth Day Tweet, Gets Clobbered for It

April 22, 2017

Donald Trump Makes (Another) Bad Twitter Decision Donald Trump made the incredibly bad decision to tweet about Earth Day. His message is hypocritical, considering his policy positions and beliefs. He should have remained silent. In fact, considering the way his…

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Trump Campaign Chair Busted for Child Sex Trafficking (VIDEO)

April 22, 2017

Former Trump Campaign Chair Arrested For Child Sex Trafficking Former Trump campaign chair Tim Nolan was arrested for “felony human trafficking of a minor, felony inducing a minor to engage in sex, and a third count of giving alcohol to a minor,”…

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After Panicked Trump Tweet, Twitter is Exploding Over Flynn Immunity Hypocrisy

March 31, 2017

Twitter Shows Trump No Mercy Donald Trump began his day as he so often does – sending out an incoherent tweet, laced with inaccuracies and underlying with panic. Mike Flynn should ask for immunity in that this is a witch…

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‘Talk About Snowflakes!’ Paul Krugman Mocks ‘Whining’ GOP Hypocrisy

February 24, 2017

Paul Krugman Calls GOP ‘Snowflakes’ In Latest NYT Column Paul Krugman called out Republicans for whining over the angry town hall meetings that have cropped up like wildfire around the U.S. In panicked defense, GOP lawmakers claim that the protesters…

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Keith Olbermann Absolutely Shreds GOP On Partisan Hypocrisy (VIDEO)

February 15, 2017

Keith Olbermann Calls The GOP Out Keith Olbermann started out his latest piece on Republican hypocrisy with one simple, passionate sentence. “It boggles the mind.” And indeed, as the stench of Russian corruption and connections grow even stronger in the…

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Stunning Audio Captures GOP Senator Brazenly Speaking The Truth About Republican Hypocrisy

January 10, 2017

Senator Inhofe Plays A Rare Republican Trick…And Tells The Truth Republican Senator Inhofe made the rare political mistake of telling the actual truth. Back in 2013, Inhofe signed a letter that asked for an “unprecedented” amount of disclosures from former…

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These 10 Tweets Sum Up Everything Wrong With GOP Reactions To Trump Sexual Assault Victims

October 15, 2016

The Ugliness Of Trump Voters To Sexual Assault Survivors The GOP reaction to Trump’s victims of sexual assault is surprising in its depth of hypocrisy, even for them. After listening to GOP voters gasp and clutch their pearls over Bill Clinton’s…

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