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Ana Navarro to Trump: As Commander in Chief “you do not fight with the family of a dead soldier!”

October 19, 2017

Trump Takes the Low Road Yet Again When it Comes to a Gold Star Military Family Trump just loves going to war with people, and he doesn’t care who they are. And once again, he has decided to get into…

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Emotional Khizr Khan Asks Trump If Gold Star Son Would Have A Place In His America (VIDEO)

October 21, 2016

The Clinton campaign released a poignant video today featuring Khizr Khan. You may remember him as the father of Humayun Khan, a US soldier who died saving members of his battalion from a suicide bomb attack in 2004 while stationed…

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This Fiercely Conservative Newspaper Is Endorsing A Democrat For The First Time Ever (VIDEO)

September 28, 2016

The Arizona Republic has a long and storied history of endorsing Republicans for president. That has now changed, and for the first time in the newspaper’s 126-year history, it’s endorsing a Democrat — Hillary Clinton. A definite landmark for this…

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Ex-Trump Supporters Reveal Devastating Reason Why They Jumped Ship: ‘He’s Gonna Get Us All Killed’

August 22, 2016

Trump Supporters Defecting From Trump Camp In what can only be described as moments of clarity, Trump supporters are jumping off the Trump train, and the reasons why are devastating to the GOP campaign for the presidency. It’s finally  happening.…

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Reboots Are For Losers: Trump Refuses To Change Because He Thinks He Is Winning

August 9, 2016

Sorry, GOP, There Is No Other Trump Donald Trump has news for all the GOP elites who are whining about a Trump reboot. It ain’t gonna happen. Why? Because reboots are for losers and Donald is winning, obviously. It’s like…

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GOP Begs For One More Donald Trump Reset As Train Wreck Campaign Continues To Derail

August 8, 2016

GOP Wants A Trump Do-Over The Republican Party can’t decide whether or endorse Trump or disavow him. So they chose to do both. s Donald Trump’s complete train wreck of a campaign began to go off track in earnest this…

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Trump Train Wreck Crashes And Burns During Disastrous ABC Interview (VIDEO)

August 1, 2016

Trump Has No Clue Donald Trump has had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week. Luckily for him, his supporters don’t seem to mind what he says, as long as it remains rooted in racism and xenophobia. And the…

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Fox News Ignores Gold Star Father At DNC Because He’s Muslim, Airs THIS Footage Instead (VIDEO)

July 29, 2016

Fox News Mutes Bravery When It Is Muslim Fox News made the decision to mute one of the most powerful speeches at the DNC, when Gold Star father Khizr Khan took stage with his wife and told the world what America meant…

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