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Trump DHS Official Resigns in Disgrace After Sickening Racist Remarks Surface

November 17, 2017

Trump’s Department of Homeland Security has one less bigot There is this idea perpetuated among the conservative base that racism is over, and therefore not an issue worth focusing on. This was evidenced most clearly in the Supreme Court case Shelby…

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Missouri Town Bars Mayor From City Hall. It Gets Complicated. (VIDEO)

April 25, 2015

You’ve probably read the story and seen the video: in Kinloch, Missouri, a newly elected mayor was physically barred from entering city hall. Betty McCray was informed that she had been impeached. A city official later claimed to have “misspoken” about the…

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Who Is Going To Clean Seattle’s Toilets?

March 2, 2015

Seattle has driven its poor people out of the city because an influx of the affluent ratcheted up housing costs. Now Seattle has a problem: who is going to clean the toilets? In King County, where Seattle is located, the inhabitants are either very…

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