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Top Military Brass Urgently Forming Contingency Plans For ‘Illegal’ Orders From A President Trump

November 11, 2016

In The Face Of A President Trump, Plans Are Being Laid In a telling admission that is both scary and comforting, top military officials state that they already know how they will deal with illegal, unlawful orders from a soon-to-be-President…

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Torture Happy Trump Won’t Ask Anyone To Break Laws, He’ll Just Change Them

March 6, 2016

Donald Trump Has Made It Clear That If There Is One Thing He Loves, It Is Torture. Donald Trump appears to be the sadistic torture candidate of 2016 – this on top of the racism, xenophobia and small fingers. Maybe…

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Karl Rove: Bush ‘Was Briefed And Intimately Involved’ Regarding Torture Decisions (VIDEO)

December 14, 2014

In Karl Rove’s latest appearance on “Fox News Sunday,” he discussed the use of enhanced interrogation tactics used by the CIA that were recently detailed in a Senate report. Rove vehemently defended the use of such tactics as well as the…

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