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Fox “News” Just Glossed Over Trump’s Heinous Death Toll Lie Without Fact Checking

September 13, 2018

Thousands of Americans died because of Trump's negligence, but Fox News is joining Trump in denial.

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Watch Reporter Utterly Destroy Laura Ingraham In One Brilliant Word | Reverb TV

August 10, 2018

Finally someone has the guts to speak the truth about Laura Ingraham!

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Right Wingers are Freaking Losing Their Minds Over Healthcare, Housing as Human Rights | Reverb TV

August 9, 2018

Right wingers losing it over Democrats acknowledging human rights.

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Congress members shred Laura Ingraham’s ‘aggressively offensive’ racism

August 9, 2018

Why does she still have a show? Oh yeah, Fox News loves hate.

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People Can’t Handle Manafort’s $15K Ostrich Jacket — He Should Just Stick His Head in the Sand | Reverb TV

August 6, 2018

Top News Stories         Pop Trigger         Go, Do, Learn… Arts Celebs Sports Tech Featured image via Youtube.  

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Bill Maher: Fox News Is So Far Up Trump’s A$$ “They’re the Enema of the People” | Reverb TV

August 4, 2018

Bill Maher hilariously explains why Trump never calls Fox "News" the "enemy of the people"...

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Is There Liberal Bias in the Media? New Report Gives Final Answer on Conservative Hysteria

August 2, 2018

Republicans keep trying to pull this Trump card and it never has any facts behind it....

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Don Trump Jr.’s Girlfriend Forced Out at Fox News For Showing D*ck Pics, Hired By Trump PAC

July 27, 2018

Just whose junk was she showing around? Reports are it's not a secret...

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Biting, Choking, Assault – Fox News Host’s Son Pleads Guilty to Domestic Violence, Gets Rehab

July 11, 2018

After beating, biting, and choking his sweetheart, he got a sweetheart sentence.

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