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BREAKING — In the Moment: School Shooting During Columbine Anniversary Gun Reform Walkout

April 20, 2018

One person injured in shooting at Florida high school, authorities say >

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Feds Asking Why People – Even A Newborn – Keep Dying In Right Wing Nut Sheriff David Clarke’s Jail

December 24, 2016

Inmates, including a newborn baby, have died in a hellish prison run by Sheriff David Clarke The motto of the Milwaukee Sheriff’s Office is “Expect the Best,” but at least four inmates who have died since April at a Milwaukee…

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Fake Cop Shoots Real Human, Goes To The Bahamas

April 22, 2015

I had a blast when I was a kid, playing Cops and Robbers in my backyard. We had real cap guns that made really loud BOOMS! with real smoke and everything! Of course, most of us grew up, put down…

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