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Boston Globe Hilariously Trolls Donald Trump With Imagined Presidency

April 10, 2016

Donald Trump Gets Hit With Fake Boston Globe Front Page And It’s Epic The Boston Globe printed a fake front page for an op-ed warning against a hypothetical Donald Trump presidency and three terrifyingly hilarious words from the gag say…

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Torture Happy Trump Won’t Ask Anyone To Break Laws, He’ll Just Change Them

March 6, 2016

Donald Trump Has Made It Clear That If There Is One Thing He Loves, It Is Torture. Donald Trump appears to be the sadistic torture candidate of 2016 – this on top of the racism, xenophobia and small fingers. Maybe…

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Preview Of Trump’s America: Asshole Waterboards Girlfriend To See If She’s Faithful

March 3, 2016

Man With Violent History Accused Of Waterboarding His Girlfriend To Force A Confession. A Wisconsin man named Dylan VanCamp has been accused of threatening, strangling, and waterboarding his girlfriend. According to a criminal complaint obtained by The Washington Post, VanCamp…

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