Donald Trump is a sexist Archives

That Time ‘a Moron Lile’ Me Got Caught Up In ‘Over-rated’ Trump’s Antisemitic Twitter Tantrum

June 10, 2017

We all know by now that Donald Trump loves him so Twitter. Especially in the early hours during his morning routine. Remember back in the day when Donald Trump would get into Twitter wars with users who criticized him? Or…

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More Trump Sexism: Tonight’s Washed Up ‘Celebrity’ RNC Speaker Goes There, Calls Hillary The C-Word

July 18, 2016

Who Put Charles In Charge of Decency At The RNC? Scott Baio, who you may remember from the syndicated television show “Charles In Charge” that you used to watch before “The Price Is Right” when you were home sick from…

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Trump’s VP Wants Women To Pay For Fetus Funerals After Abortions—And That’s Just For Starters

July 15, 2016

Donald Trump Wants To Punish Women For Having Abortions. Mike Pence Already Does. After subjecting us to a year plus worth of disgusting displays of misogyny, be they mocking women for their appearance or their menstrual cycles,  it’s only fitting…

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Hillary Clinton Just Obliterated Trump’s Sexist ‘Woman Card’ Attack (Video)

April 27, 2016

It’s been hard to resist the notion that “stranger things have happened” throughout the primary season considering that we really don’t know that stranger things than the 2016 campaign have indeed happened, but Americans are waking up to the reality that this…

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Married Creep Donald Trump ‘Hit On’ Female Washington Post Editor

March 22, 2016

To say that Republican Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump has a woman problem would be an understatement. Highlighted by his despicable, misogynistic comments about Fox News host Megyn Kelly, Trump currently has an unfavorable rating among female voters that may, in fact,…

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