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The Make-Believe Obama Wiretap: The Birth Of A Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory

May 29, 2017

A Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory Through Its Various Stages Of Birth Nothing truly defines contemporary conservatism quite like a right-wing conspiracy theory. The Birther movement, Operation Jade Helm, Agenda 21, HAARP, death panels, FEMA death/ concentration camps, the supposed assassination of Seth Rich……

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BREAKING: Comey Crushes Trump’s Pathetic Wiretap Claim in Televised Testimony (VIDEO)

March 20, 2017

Comey Says There Was No Wiretapping FBI director James Comey shot down the idea that former president Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower during the election. James Comey was quite clear. “With respect to the President’s tweets on alleged wiretapping directed…

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TERZI: If Obama Didn’t Wiretap Trump, Who Did? Here Are 10 People More Likely To Spy On The Donald

March 9, 2017

Who Would Want To Wiretap Donald Trump? President Barack Obama absolutely did not wiretap Donald Trump. It never happened. Just because Trump tweets something ridiculous at four in the morning doesn’t make it true. Neither does all the wishful thinking…

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TERZI: If You’re Still A Trump Supporter After This Wiretapping Mess, You’re Nucking Futs

March 4, 2017

A Trump Supporter Still Backing Him After This ‘Wiretapping’ Fiasco Is Just As Cuckoo As He Is If you’re still a Donald Trump supporter today — if you still believe he’s doing a bang-up job as President — I need…

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