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WATCH Rachel Maddow Expose the Real Problem with Facebook’s Ad System

September 7, 2017

Rachel Maddow Found Something Interesting As we covered in another article, the power of social media has grown exponentially in the years since its implementation. It has been used to draw attention and raise quick funds for many causes that…

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Trump Adviser Rudy Giuliani Has A Crazy, Orwellian Plan To Track Anyone, All The Time (VIDEO)

July 29, 2016

Rudy Giuliani, Former New York City mayor turned Donald Trump adviser says he thinks forcing Muslims to wear electronic monitoring tags, otherwise known as GPS bracelets, if they are on the federal government’s terrorism watch list is a great idea.…

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‘Radical Islamic Terrorism’: 3 Magic Words Trump And The GOP Use To Suck In The Stupid

June 13, 2016

Radical Islamic Terrorism. Radical Islamic Terrorism. Radical Islamic Terrorism. There, I said it three times. is it gone yet? In the childish imagination of American conservatives the only reason that terrorism still exists is that President Obama and other Democrats…

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BREAKING: U.N. Secretary General Admits Being Extorted By Saudi Arabia

June 10, 2016

U.N. Chief says he faced pressure and extortion from Saudi Arabia The United Nations Secretary General, Mr. Ban Ki-moon, publicly admitted on Thursday that the removal of Saudi Arabia from the blacklist of child killers responded to a Saudi threat to stop financial…

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China’s New Counterterrorism Law Aimed At Economic Control

December 28, 2015

In China, it has been a season of sweeping changes. Those changes include a massive national security law passed in July, a draft of a law that increases Chinese government control over foreign non-governmental groups and most recently the economic…

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