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Pain, Suffering, Racism: The Untold History of the Opioid Crisis

June 25, 2018

This crisis has been longer in the making than you might think.

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Trump’s Disturbing Drug War Plan Comes Straight From Brutally Murderous Dictators

March 16, 2018

Trump Is Bringing Totalitarian Policies To the United States… Back in November of 2017, President Trump raised eyebrows after he complimented brutal dictator Rodrigo Duterte for his inhuman crackdown on accused drug dealers. Which included Duterte claiming he personally murdered alleged…

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See No Evil: CIA Complicit In America’s Cocaine Trade

January 27, 2016

CIA On Defense It has now been nearly 20 years since Pulitzer-winning journalist Gary Webb’s groundbreaking exposé, Dark Alliance first appeared among the pages of the San Jose Mercury News. The articles were met with criticism in a campaign now…

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