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15 Of The Most Hilarious Twitter Reactions To The Hysteria Over Hillary Clinton’s Pneumonia

September 12, 2016

Clinton Has Pneumonia, So Media Has Freak-Out…And Twitter Has Fun As you may have heard, Hillary Clinton had the absolute nerve to get pneumonia, and then – even worse – had the even bigger nerve to continue to work her…

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Trump Spokesperson Shows Campaign Desperation, Pushes Wild Clinton Health Conspiracy (VIDEO)

August 19, 2016

Trump Campaign Stoops To New Low Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson is a lot of things. A shoplifter, for example. Anti-gay, for another. We know she’s really bad at recent history, too. And one thing we know she is not is…

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Benghazi Suit A ‘Political Exploitation’ With ‘No Merit’ – And That’s According To Fox News (Video)

August 10, 2016

Another Republican Exploits Benghazi Republicans keep trying to make Benghazi happen. It’s not going to happen. A wrongful death lawsuit has been filed against Hillary Clinton. The suit alleges the Benghazi attack, which led to the death of four Americans,…

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