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A Nobel Winning Scientist Proved There is No Conflict Between the Economy and the Environment

October 10, 2018

Republicans have been lying about a conflict between the environment and solving climate change.

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Trump’s Pathetic Response to UN Climate Change Report: “I Want to Look at Who Drew It”

October 10, 2018

Trump has turned to elementary school tactics when presented with a new climate change report.

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“Beyond Twisted” – Trump Admin Admits Climate “Fate is Sealed”, Makes Insane Greedy Move | In The Moment

September 29, 2018

Trump administration uses drastic climate change projection to justify weakening fuel rule Featured image via Twitter.

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Dirty Lies: Trump’s Awful Coal Plan Isn’t Clean, Honest, or Affordable

August 24, 2018

Trump is lying out of his teeth again to coal miners and the American public.

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As People Lose Their Homes to Wildfires, Just Remember – It’s All Linked to Climate Change

August 11, 2018

When your home is burnt to the ground, that's pretty hard to deny...

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Cabinet agencies prop up debunked Trump lies about California fires

August 10, 2018

They serve at the delusional, idiotic pleasure of the President.

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Science Proves Climate Change is Behind Extreme Summer Weather | Reverb TV

July 31, 2018

Climate Change has been proven by science. And the fact that you now can wear a swimsuit where you used to need a parka.

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How Conservative ‘News’ Propaganda and Corporate Lies Politicized Climate Change

June 25, 2018

Republicans used to believe in science till the money came flowing in....

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Changes in Antarctic Ice Shelves Worry Scientists

June 15, 2018

The Antarctica ice shelves tell a dangerous story regarding climate change.

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